Hysterectomy Alternative

For years, Michelle Seamon battled one urinary tract infection after another. Her incontinence became so chronic, she had to limit her daily walks for fear that she’d fail to find a bathroom when she needed it. Her gynecologist attributed her problems to uterine fibroid tumors. He prescribed a hysterectomy.

A new minimally invasive approach

Just 44, Seamon was devastated. She decided to get a second opinion. Then she heard about a radio commercial about a minimally invasive procedure at Chesapeake Regional Medical Center that could solve her problem. It changed her life.

More than two months ago, Seamon underwent Uterine Fibroid Embolization. The procedure works by limiting blood flow to fibroid tumors, thus destroying them.

For many, a preferable alternative

LewisVictor052011Dr. Lewis holds UFE talks throughout the year

During the procedure, "A catheter is used to inject small particles that block the blood flow to these many times painful tumors," said Lewis, an interventional radiologist, "Many times women are left choosing between pain and a hysterectomy when it comes to uterine fibroids. But, this UFE works to kill the tumor without a full hysterectomy, something that is much preferable to patients."

A marked lifestyle improvement

Many women with uterine fibroids experience pain and discomfort and sometimes infertility. In Seamon's case, she experienced a constant need to urinate. Since the surgery, the need has been eliminated.

"The pressure from my tumors on the wall of my bladder has significantly decreased, which is why I don't need to use the restroom quite as often," said Seamon. The procedure has also eliminated the need for a hysterectomy. "I can honestly say that this procedure has changed my life," Seamon said. "My only regret is that I did not do it five years earlier."

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